Protecting assets and humans from harmful effects of space radiation

problem - solution

space radiation

Beyond the protection of Earth's atmosphere lies a hostile environment flooded with solar and intergalactic radiation.

deleterious effects

Space radiation can damage the critical electronic components of spacecraft, leading to mission failure. Similarly, the damage to the DNA of crew can lead to long-term health problems.

model and mitigate

Modelling radiation effects on components and crew can mitigate risks and maximise the likelihood of mission success.


Amentum Pty Ltd is a private Australian company with a niche capability in modelling ionising radiation environments. It provides this as a service to Defence and Aerospace clients, and leverages it to develop technology in collaboration with industry and research partners.

why the name 'amentum'?

The amentum was a leather strap used by ancient greeks to extend the range and stability of the javelin in flight.

Similarly, Amentum exists to extend the capabilities of its clients and ensure the safety and security of personnel and assets.


Amentum is a proud foundation member of the nandin Deep Technology Incubator at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation,

a member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society and the Space Industry Association of Australia,

supports veterans and their families with SoldierOn,

and is a member of early-stage corporate philanthropy organisation Pledge 1%.

standing offer panels

As a member of the Project Outcomes simulation team, professional engineering services of Amentum are available to the Australian Department of Defence through the Simulation Support Panel and the Defence Support Services Panel.